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ISBN: 978-0398088477


ISBN: 978-0398088477

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After years of struggling with an eating disorder and the unforgiving world of ballet, Kathleen Rea found solace and healing in artistic expression that honestly communicated who she was without censor. She learned to see her body as a source of wisdom rather than something that needed to be controlled. This inspired her to develop a style of expressive arts therapy in which sensation takes the lead in the creative process, enabling the wisdom of one's body to guide recovery. The Healing Dance outlines Rea's therapeutic approach, animated with details from her powerful life story and examples from her therapy practice. Rea describes her work with a man who recovers from compulsive eating, and through his experience she reveals expressive arts therapy techniques and theorizes how these methods encourage neuroplasticity. The poignant story of how Rea deals with the death of her father by choreographing Long Live, a grief themed story ballet, further demonstrates expressive arts in action. The Healing Dance celebrates the enlivening power of the arts and teaches about the creative spark living within that has the potential to ignite a fulfilling life.

"The beauty that shines forth in this book does so because it is infused with love. Kathleen's therapeutic practice is grounded on the capacity to accept her clients
completely for the beautifully flawed human beings that they, and we, are…Reading this book, I can offer no greater tribute than to say that I wish I could have had Kathleen as my therapist."

Stephen K. Levine - Co-Director of ISIS Canada and Dean of the Doctoral Program in Expressive Arts at the European Graduate School

The Healing Dance is published by Charles C Thomas Publisher.