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The book that stayed with me the most from 2013 is The Healing Dance by Kathleen Rea. This Canadian author and dancer, in my mind, authentically embraces artistic expression.
Dara Dines, blogger and expressive arts facilitator

Beauty and authenticity were my immediate impressions of The Healing Dance. As a professional dance/movement therapist for over two decades, I was excited to pore over the pages of what I projected would be a solid introductory text book for my students. To my delight, I was quickly absorbed into a didactic autobiography that was both affectively engaging and professionally validating. Throughout the book, the author intersperses deep interpersonal explorations of life and emotion with theory and practical applications of the expressive arts in therapy. ….I was impressed with Kathleen Rea's ability to address serious and complex issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, grief, and deep-rooted pain in a way that was emotionally reflective, comprehensibly absorbing, and theoretically sound. Her story and clinical accounts provide a basis and "map" of practice in which she bravely embraces the authenticity that is necessary for true healing to occur…. The Healing Dance reads like a novel yet delivers a professional and academic body of work that will be sure to please readers and stimulate students and practitioners. This book is easy to read and clearly outlined for quick didactic reference. With her touching portrayal of joy, pain, grief and healing, the author entices readers to embody sensation and fully experience emotion giving us a gift of not only learning about the process of expressive arts therapy but engaging us on a deeper level of embodiment and lived experience.
Maria Brignola, MCAT, BC-DMT, NCC. - The Arts in Psychotherapy 40 (2013) 358–359 is a truly heartwarming and satisfying read.

Esme Joanna Jaaniste - The Journal of Eating Disorders

Kathleen Rea has written a powerful book....This is an excellent read for those interested in becoming more aware of their own felt sensation.... Rea generously shares her life and practice in an open and honest way, exposing her vulnerabilities and humbly offering personal and professional wisdom.
Tawnya D. Smith - The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association News Letter

The Healing Dance is both a very moving and courageous account of a personal healing journey and an excellent introduction to the subject of Arts Therapy. Rea's account of healing an eating disorder and dealing with her father's illness and death often brought tears to my eyes but also laughter from her self-deprecating humor. I knew very little about Arts Therapy before reading this book. She does an excellent job describing the theory and techniques involved. The long case history and the other examples from her practice often resonated with my own experiences and clearly demonstrated the concepts she presented.
EaglerDancer - Amazon Customer Review

Having anticipated this book for some time I was blown away by how captivating it was. Kathleen's tells a very personal, deeply moving, and powerfully transforming story.
Robbie Wychwood - The Scared Fire

This book is beautifully written. It tells the story about an artist and her expressive arts therapy practice as a sequence of vignettes. A reader can pick this book up and flip to any page and immediately be drawn into the story. It has the potential to become a formative work in her field of expressive arts therapy. It also has the potential to reach a broader audience. Kathleen Rea's powerful message of self help teaches us all to move on past adversity towards a life filled with joy.

Lovisa McCallum - Amazon Customer Review

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